Kenway Moving & Storage specializes in commercial projects, relocating your office or facility from point A to point B minimizing downtime. Our commercial specialists understand the importance of completing your relocation with your sensitive time frame. This attention to the strict time frame is key to minimizing the downtime of your business. Whether multiple cubicle configurations or intrinsic electronic setups, Kenway Moving & Storage has years of experience facilitating the relocation of your operation. Our commercial team also specializes in relocating heavy industrial equipment.

Our Commercial Relocation Specialists are committed to:

  • Completing the move within your sensitive time frame
  • Minimizing the downtime to your operation
  • Limiting the disruption to your staff and clients as a result of the relocation
After scheduling with our Commercial Relocation Specialists, our firm will:
  • Conduct a pre-move conference with management at your firm
  • Inform your staff of their expected roles and responsibilities for the relocation
  • Limit your staff’s participation on the actual move day
Phone a Commercial Relocation Specialist at our office today to see how we can simplify your upcoming commercial relocation.