The Kenway Advantage

Kenway Moving & Storage has proudly earned the reputation as a premier relocation services provider throughout the United States. Our firm is composed of logistic specialists that understand the process to correctly relocating your home or office. Over the past decade, the procedures and processes of Kenway Moving have been perfected and refined. The advantage of Kenway Moving & Storage can be attributed to the acute attention to our client’s needs paired with the knowledge to properly serve those needs.

When reserving a date of service with Kenway Moving & Storage, you can consider your project complete. With all of the factors that are associated with relocating, scheduling the labor and trucking should equate to a simple call. The logistic coordinators of Kenway Moving & Storage are available around the clock to discuss client needs and to derive a solution.

Family Owned & Operated:

Although Kenway Moving & Storage serves clients throughout the United States, the original personal touch of our family owned and operated firm is still with every shipment. Family owned and operated means that Kenway Moving takes pride in every client’s project. Our team truly has  a passion for logistics, this passion is ever so apparent on our client’s service site. 

Fully Licensed & Insured

Kenway Moving and Storage maintains the authorities to operate both locally within the state as well as throughout the United States. Our firm is fully insured. This insured factor is for the protection of our clients shipments and the wellbeing of our team. When scheduling a date of service with Kenway Moving & Storage, clients can be certain they are receiving a licensed and insured service provider. 

Full-time Staff

Our team of logistic coordinators in the office and in the field are full-time team members of Kenway Moving & Storage. THis full-time factor allows us to guarantee quality to both our residential and commercial clients. We know and understand each department’s strong points, efficiently using those strong points to execute an exceptional relocation. All too often relocation services contract out their labor and hauling, Kenway Moving does not. The equipment is owned and operated by our firm. Each team member that will be on a client’s service site is that of the Kenway Moving family.

Correct Equipment

Kenway Moving & Storage serves both our residential and commercial clients using equipment that exceeds industry standards. Each Kenway Moving truck is stocked with the proper equipment to correctly and efficiently facilitate the relocation. Thick blankets, proper dollies, straps, and protection, are only a few of the standard components that each Kenway Moving truck consists of.